What is Ketophiles?
We are two friends who want to share our experience with the ketogenic diet by offering useful resources and some cool products keto-inspired products for all of you who want to make changes to your lifestyle. For us, it all started a couple of years ago when we realized that we were 30 years old and overweight. So we researched the ketogenic diet and started a weight loss competition which resulted in a 60 lbs less weight between the two of us and a total change of lifestyle. We are happy to share our experience and inspire others. If you want to ask a question or send feedback, please contact us.

  • How do I place an order?
  • Ordering on ketophiles.com is a simple process. You don’t need to register or sign in, simply browse through the Catalog or make a search. Once you have found what you’re looking for click the blue “Add to cart” button below the product. If there are options available, e.g. size, color, etc., you will need to select the one you want before placing the item in your shopping cart. Once you’re ready to order, just go to the checkout and pay for your items.

  • How do I pay for my order?
  • We accept most major credit cards. You can also pay via PayPal. All payment transactions are secure and encrypted. You can rest assured that no credit card data is stored and that all financial information you share with us will not be disclosed to any third parties.

  • Do I have to enter my details every time I pay?
  • No, you don’t have to. Even though we don’t have an option to sign up, you can tick the box under “Remember Me” at checkout and we will save your information for future purchases. All you need to do is provide your phone number and next time you shop we’ll send you a code via SMS to securely purchase with Shopify Pay.

  • Is it secure to make payment on your website?
  • We want you to have a safe and hassle-free shopping experience with Ketophiles, that’s why we have installed an SSL certificate on our website to ensure a secure connection between our servers and your browser. This ensures that your debit or credit card data (or any other data you provide us with) is encrypted and secure during the transaction process. All forms are processed via a secure https server and all data is encrypted to avoid any unauthorized access and data theft. You can rest assured that all your financial and personal information will be safe during your transaction with Ketophiles.

  • Can I return the product if I’m not satisfied?
  • Yes, if you are not 100% satisfied with the product you ordered you can contact us and request a return within 30 days from the delivery date. Any requests made after the 30 day period will not be processed. After approving your request, we will issue you with a Returns Merchandize Authorization (RMA). However, be aware that the shipping cost will not be refunded if the reason for the refund is not our fault.

  • How much does shipping cost?
  • We offer free shipping to all orders made via the ketophiles.com website as our aim is to have a 100% satisfaction for our customers and no additional cost involved.

  • How long does it take for my order to be shipped to me?
  • All the products for sale on our website are in stock and ready to be shipped. Once you place your order it will be processed within 1 business day and shipped with our standard free shipping policy. The delivery time is within 5-10 business days depending on your location.   

  • How safe is my credit card information?
  • We have taken all necessary precautions to ensure that the credit or debit card information you provide to us is secure. Our store is hosted by Shopify Inc., one of the most reputable eCommerce platforms. When you make a purchase and provide us with your credit or debit card details, all data is stored by Shopify and encrypted.

    How reliable is your Resources page?
    We have taken a great deal of time and effort to research the ketogenic diet and all the links we have provided here are from the trusted sources we go to time and time again for information, inspiration and advice. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or you would like to suggest a useful resource.